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Freddie Yauner

Freddie’s work explores how the human drive for continual growth has impacted people and the planet. He makes work that celebrates nature, unpicks ideas of progress and explores the cognitive dissonance needed to be a human alive today.

Freddie enjoys holding a mirror up to the world - sometimes quite literally. The work brings people into the unfamiliar, sometimes implicating himself or going to ridiculous lengths to shift viewers’ perspectives. Freddie uses different media for different subjects, coming at things in curious ways to be able to reach a range of audiences.

Current work is focused on Agriculture and food systems. Freddie believes that Art can carry important and urgent ideas and start new conversations - and in doing so is a vital lever for change.

Freddie’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally and is included in several permanent collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

He lives and works in London.