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Characters – Off Cut Tilted Head

by Studiomama

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Characters by London-based design and architectural studio Studiomama, is a display of the playfulness that runs like a red thread through most of their work.

From the colourful sketches and graphics, the humorous figurines in wood and cast iron to the delicate craftsmanship of their stools, it is all embodied with the fundamental belief that life is filled with colours and fun – something to always remember and be observant of.

About the artist

Studiomama is an East London-based multidisciplinary design studio founded by the creative couple Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama in 2000.

Nina draws on a deep grounding in design and an innate connection to nature that is inherent in her Scandinavian roots and was honed during her training at ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris. Combining this with her diverse experience in trends, design management, photo journalism and marketing in Paris, London and Copenhagen gives her a 360-degree perspective and a unique approach to design.

Born into a Greek-Cypriot family in the East End of London, Jack enjoyed the rich influences of a multicultural and cosmopolitan upbringing. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, he worked in the Netherlands and Sweden as creative director for several global brands, developing a reputation for visionary work in design futures and design-led strategy, which led to innovative products and new business models. His work with Philips, Electrolux, Nike and BMW has been widely recognised with awards and global exhibitions.

Nina and Jack’s ability to combine their diverse backgrounds and skills has enabled Studiomama to work coherently across multiple disciplines and develop its own distinctive expression. A sustainable ethos combined with an exploratory and playful approach has resulted in a daring, influential and socially-relevant portfolio that encompasses architecture, interior design, jewellery, exhibition design, curation, products and furniture – taking in collaborations with a diverse client base ranging from NGOs to global brands.

Understanding people’s needs and the socio-cultural context within which they live is central to Studiomama’s practice, and whether they are designing objects, interiors or architecture, Jack and Nina’s approach is characterised by the same level of rigour and attention to detail.

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