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For each new project, Sébastien and Morgane conduct the first research by exploring materials, shapes, colours, and patterns. The selection of four artworks for Frameworks Gallery is process and experimentation images for the pendant light named DORVAL01. With flat colours, the artworks explore different aspects and feelings of the project. 

The first artwork in the series, DORVAL_10, shows the smoothness of a cable detail. DORVAL_11, the second in the series, contemplate the expression of bringing life through lights. DORVAL_12 and DORVAL_13 focus on the abstraction of raw material and assembly of spare parts.  

The series of digital drawings are both fragments of a design process and artworks in their own right.

About the artist

SCMP DESIGN OFFICE is a French design firm led by Sébastien Cluzel & Morgane Pluchon. The two alums of the ESAD (Saint-Etienne, France) and ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland) launched their office in 2015 by basing their approach on the idea that design must be at the service of man. Their goal is to advocate for the return of a qualitative and sustainable design standard through a responsible manufacturing process. They are creating today functional and lasting everyday objects that can be useful for several generations. Currently based in Paris, France, SCMP DESIGN OFFICE is constantly evolving thanks to signature projects such as the DORVAL collection for the Canadian editor Lambert&fils and the GALTA collection for the French-Lebanese company Kann Design.



Artist biography

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