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Before Object – Seinä

by Julien Renault

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In his series “Before Object” Julien Renault has created three series, each consisting of three artworks, representing different parts of his creative world; three sketches, three object photographs and three images of plaster walls in various hues.

Besides their immediate subtle aesthetic value, the artworks challenge the viewer to reflect upon the origin of experience; what do we see, how do we see and most importantly, how do we perceive what is before us.

About the artist

An object doesn’t just exist on its own, it is closely connected to its environment and all the different ways we perceive and use it. The work of Julien Renault demonstrates a strong awareness of the interconnectedness of objects and their surroundings.

With a well-trained photographic eye, Julien observes and curiously looks around. He embraces the details that others might think of as banal and common, convinced that all objects have a subconscious effect on our daily lives. Open-minded and explorative, Renault finds inspiration everywhere and he is not afraid of beautifying the ordinary.

Renault thinks and works conceptually and along each project follows a precise and recognisable image. Whether the assignment is a product design, a photo shoot or an interior space, it starts with a defining element which accompanies the concept from start to finish.

Through neat and clear imagery, Renault underlines the essential and communicates his ideas in an understandable and spartan way. His work is always exposed in line with what it is.

Julien Renault grew up outside of Paris and attended design schools both in France (Reims School of Art and Design) and in Switzerland (ECAL). Two different cultures and approaches to design which have partly shaped Renault’s own way of addressing his work. On one hand artistic, free and personal, on the other hand systemic, objective and rational. Renault uses both pragmatism and intuition when he dives into a new project, creating a dialogue between sense and sensibility.

Settled in Belgium, Renault’s studio is steadily growing thanks to long-term collaborations with brands such as Cruso, Hem, Kewlox, Massproductions, Mattiazzi, Stattmann and more.

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