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Ordinary Beauty #1

by Flavien Delbergue

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Ordinary Beauty is a collection of six artworks made as a homage to the form, texture and material of simple everyday objects.

By removing any reference to the functionality, the images focus solely on the aesthetic qualities of the material and the surface of the objects.

Ordinary Beauty is a reminder of the qualities in life we often pass but seldom notice…

About the artist

At the age of 20, Flavien Delbergue immersed himself in Japanese craftsmanship. He learned from several Kyoto-based crafts houses united under the brand Japan Handmade.

Upon graduating from École Boulle, Flavien worked for Copenhagen-based design studio OEO Studio. He discovered and understood the shared values of design between Scandinavia and Japan, and it was these rich experiences that laid the foundation for his approach to design and art.

It made him open up to new territories and encouraged a bridge between the French and Japanese definitions of design. Today, the Parisian based design studio, founded in 2016, is defined by his notion of a "Meaningful Art of Living" for international brands, editors and manufacturers.

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