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Treasures of Wonder #6

by Line Depping

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The series “Treasures of Wonder” by Danish designer Line Depping is based on her life long curiosity with objects.
“Treasures of Wonder” consists of seven tableaus.

Some built from her collection of objects collected through many years, found in the streets of Copenhagen, on the shores of Denmark and from travelling the world.

Others show parts of her own work, made from wood, brush hairs and Japanese lacquer, paired with a miniature race car. The series should be explored as an hommage to human curiosity and craftsmanship, and a nod to the importance of staying curious and observant.

About the artist

Line Depping’s work springs from considerations of function and use. For Line Depping, it is crucial to see a good reason to create a new piece of furniture; an opportunity to add something to an object that expands its usefulness.

Her ideas for new designs often spring from observations of people and culture. The way we live. Her expression is simple, and her emphasis on function also involves making room for disorder in order to accommodate the messy and chaotic aspects of life. The form should be natural and well-proportioned and thus appeal to the user and make room for use.

Line Depping has a special focus on materials. She mainly works with wood but often adds other materials to provide a counterpoint to the wood. By combining different materials she achieves a field of tension between the textural qualities of the materials.

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